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Experienced Criminal Defense Representation. Michael D. Horn is a seasoned criminal defense attorney proudly serving Queens, Long Island & surrounding areas for over 30 years.

Michael D. Horn, Esq. has been an effective and zealous criminal defense attorney for over 30 years. Defending individuals and corporations accused of violating  Federal, state and/or local laws continues to be his passion, privilege and professional responsibility.   Mr. Horn has been extremely successful in tailoring custom solutions to clients confronting such problems with the law and in the process has won dozens of acquittals ranging from marijuana violations to serious felonies including homicides, drug sales, assaults, robberies and rapes. He has triumphantly represented clients in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Nassau Counties since 1991.

Your freedom and livelihood could be at stake and a conviction could be catastrophic for you as well as the loved ones that rely on you! You need a respectful, resourceful and resolute defense lawyer to protect your rights and fight for your privileges. Please contact attorney Michael D. Horn right away for a free criminal defense consultation.

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Experienced & Trusted Criminal Defense Lawyer.

For more than 20 years Michael D. Horn has helped more than 1,000 clients as a criminal defense attorney. His work has led to better outcomes and life changing results for many wrongfully accused New Yorkers. Our commitment to you is that if we take your case we will pursue every possible angle to defend your rights and protect your freedom.

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Michael D. Horn, Esq

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“I hired Mike with what seemed like an impossible case; my bail was remanded, I had several out of state warrants and was facing extradition, yet through his diligence not only did he get all the warrants vacated but actually had me released. His dedication and effort may have actually saved my life. If you are in search of a criminal defense lawyer that truly cares about you and your situation and will give you his full attention and the desire to see you get from out of your current problem, then you won’t find a better criminal defense lawyer in New York than Michael Horn.”

– Jeff O.

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