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Official Misconduct in the Criminal Justice System

There has been a reckoning in the criminal justice system in the past few decades with the use and maturity of forensic techniques like DNA that have led to the exoneration of many people that were wrongfully imprisoned. The central issue often uncovered with these exonerations is the level of official misconduct by both prosecutors … Read More

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Criminal Justice in the age of Taylor, Prude and Floyd

A little research and planning can make a big difference. In these evolving times, the police seem often to revert to using excessive force over our communities, especially our brothers and sisters of color. Recently there have been a string of high-profile incidents where the police involved have grossly abused their authority as peace officers … Read More

Prison cell

No Pretrial Detention for Drug Charges and Many Other Offenses

After an arrest, but before the trial that determines guilt or innocence, judges often set a bail amount that people can pay as an assurance that they will attend their court proceedings. After they post bail, law enforcement releases them from custody. The problem with the bail system is that it has kept thousands of … Read More

Parole hearing

What Happens if You Violate Parole?

If you previously served a prison sentence in New York and received a release conditional on parole, you must abide by those terms. Failure to do so can result in revocation.  Notice of Violation  If your supervising parole officer reports that you have violated your parole and/or have conducted criminal activity while on parole, he … Read More

Drug crime

What is my Punishment if I’m Arrested for Having Drugs?

Drug charges are taken very seriously in New York. If you have been charged with a drug related crime do not hesitate and contact an experienced New York drug crimes defense lawyer. It is a rowdy night in Queens. All manner of people walks up and down the street talking with friends or shouting hello to someone they know driving by in a car. You … Read More

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