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Michael Horn has defended individuals throughout New York facing who were serious criminal allegations, including sexual assault and other sex crimes. He will thoroughly investigate the allegations against you, any bias on the part of the accuser and the strength of any forensic evidence when looking to develop a strong defense strategy. Mr. Horn understands the gravity of your situation and will give you professional, zealous representation.
In the most serious of situations a trial will become necessary. Mr. Horn has successfully tried such cases in each borough (Except Staten Island). As the MeToo Movement evolves it has become harder and harder for men to be heard, trusted and defended. This only makes our office worker more creatively to protect our clients. Mr. Horn will not simply rest on his laurels and continues to change with the times.

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Criminal Defense lawyer Michael Horn

My goal is to ensure that your constitutional rights are respected, every possible defense is investigated and all avenues of mitigation or justification are presented in your case

Michael D. Horn – Founding Partner

New York State Sex Crimes

It is critical to have all the facts relevant to your specific case to prepare the best defense. Mr. Horn seeks to uncover the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case when defending clients accused of serious sex crimes such as:


Date Rape

Aggravated criminal sexual contact

Sexual Assault

Domestic Violence

Acquaintance Rape

Statutory Rape

Spousal Rape

Criminal sexual contact


If you are facing sex related criminal charges, don’t wait to seek legal help. Michael D. Horn has the experience to help you through this difficult time. Whether you are a first-time offender of have multiple arrests we will ensure that your legal rights are protected.

Information On New York’s Sex Offender Registry

New York classifies convicted sex offenders into three categories:
• Level 1: Level 1 offenders are deemed the least likely to commit another sex-related crime. They must register for a period of 20 years, unless they are classified as a “sexual predator,” a “sexually violent offender,” or a “predicate sex offender,” in which case they must register for life.
• Level 2: Level 2 offenders are believed to be at moderate risk to commit another sex-related crime. They must register for life.
• Level 3: Level 3 offenders are at the highest risk to commit another sex-related crime and must register for life.
Sex offender registration requires sharing personal information that can be found on the Division of Criminal Justice’s website. That information could include:
• Your height, weight and other physical characteristics
• Scars or tattoos
• Your picture
• Your address
• A description of the crime
• Your sentence
• Your current car and its license plate

To Prevent Registration in The Sex Offender Registry, We Need to Defend Your Rights in Court

New York’s sex offender registration program was established in response to the death of Megan Kanka, a young New Jersey girl who was raped and murdered by a previously convicted child molester who had moved into her neighborhood. Its purpose is to notify the public about adults in the area who were previously convicted of sex crimes.
In many ways, being listed on the sex offender registry is the harshest penalty associated with a sex crime conviction. It places a label on a person for at least 20 years after he or she served his or her sentence.
After 25 years in practice, criminal defense attorney Michael D. Horn realizes that the best way to prevent registration is to mount the best defense possible and to fight back against sex crime charges. He understands how important it is to avoid the stigma that comes with registering as a sex offender, which is why he puts in as much time and energy as necessary to ensure his clients obtain the best outcome possible.
Please call our office today at 718-777-7717 or fill out our email form to discuss your situation. Attorney Michael D. Horn offers free consultations at our main office in Astoria, Queens, or he can come meet with you in jail, if necessary.

Rigorous Defense Against Internet Sex Crime Allegations

Allegations of child pornography or online solicitation of a minor can result in lasting repercussions that can be nearly impossible to live down. If you are convicted of possessing child pornography or a related charge, the government will put you on the New York sex offender registry. This will make it difficult to find a place to live, restrict your movements and prevent you from working with or being near children. You cannot afford to face the future without an experienced defense attorney on your side.
A Picture Paints a Thousand Words … That Can Be Used Against You
Criminal defense lawyer Michael D. Horn, Esq., understands the severity of charges against you. He knows that your freedom is at risk and will work with you to the most effective defense in your situation.
Attorney Michael Horn will first work with you to understand your version of events when beginning to defend you against Internet sex crime allegations such as:
• Possessing, downloading or distributing child pornography
• Manufacturing child pornography
• Solicitation of a minor
• Enticement of a minor
He will consult forensic experts in computer technology to investigate the contents of your hard drive and look for any possible explanation for the illegal material found on your computer, such as a computer virus or a hacker using your computer for off-site storage.
If you are accused of soliciting a minor, he will review the nature of any online conversations to understand if you were entrapped by law enforcement. He will also fight for a dismissal if law enforcement failed to secure a proper search warrant or violated your rights with an illegal wiretap. Mr. Horn will review every angle possible to protect your rights with an aggressive defense strategy.

“Mr. Horn is an absolute gem to work with. His balance of professionalism and compassion make him stand out from many other criminal defense lawyers in New York. He exuded patience and kindness throughout my whole experience. He went above and beyond to keep me informed and he was persistent in helping me resolve my legal matters in a timely fashion. I will forever be grateful I had Mr. Horn on my side during an incredibly difficult time.”

– V.W.C

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