Criminal Justice in the age of Taylor, Prude and Floyd

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In these evolving times, the police seem often to revert to using excessive force over our communities, especially our brothers and sisters of color. Recently there have been a string of high-profile incidents where the police involved have grossly abused their authority as peace officers and violently attacked men and women of color. The officers in these incidents could have thought these people of color to be suspected of a crime. Whatever the reason, tragically in many of these violent interactions the suspect wound up being attacked and there seems to be little if any justification for the police to have reacted in the egregious ways they did.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of police brutality, you can’t take your eye off the ball when it comes to the criminal charges that the police often create to divert attention against civilians away from acts of police brutality. The victims of police brutality are often seen as suspects by the authorities and that perception bias leads peaceful protesters and others to be accused of crimes by prosecutors at the behest of police. Those seized by the police must understand that in many cases, they will be charged with crimes such as assault or resisting arrest. If you don’t have a good criminal defense attorney, the criminal “justice” system can be overwhelming and you risk losing significant time and your freedom.

Were you or someone you know mistreated by the police or someone in law enforcement?

There have been and there will be many more hours of commentary on the news. Civil actions are taken by the family members of the victims of police brutality. We hope that it will bring about systemic change to the police departments across the nation and compensation to the victims and their families. For the individuals who are the victims of police brutality, action needs to be taken quickly to defend their freedom before seeking civil actions. Then they can have their day in court and then we create accountability for the police officers who failed to prevent or directly inflicted harm.

If you have been accused of a crime you need to obtain serious representation to ensure that you remain free, so you can combat police brutality another day. You will need a tenacious and experienced criminal defense attorney to help you clear the charges against you and Michael D. Horn can provide you with a free consultation about your case and how to proceed with your best defense.

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